About Me

Hi! I’m Michell. I have been blessed to have an adorable son with my amazing husband Wayne. I am working at home mom and I love helping moms/dads find affordable baby handmade stuff and save money.

My Story:

I grew in the Philippines and belong to a middle class family so I know what it feels like to have not much. One of my calling is to help people so I choose to volunteer my time for a year and teach children in the remote area in the Philippines.

In my growing up years I’m surrounded by my seamstress relatives and I have interest in Sewing. So, I went to college and took major in Home Economics and graduated my Bachelor degree  then I came to US after that was over 9 years ago . Married and my family live in small town of Nebraska.

Now, I still want to continue to help especially mom/dad out there that are looking for affordable baby stuff like cloth diapers and other baby needs (handmade items). I offer my handmade creations in affordable price not to compete others but to help out to those in need. I only charge for materials and i tried to give it free before but I can not afford to do it all the time. I use premium affordable materials and buy in bulks so I can get it cheaper and that means I can offer it in low price too.

So please my blog thank you!