Great Deals on Digital Cameras

I don’t have plan to go to the store but my son’s milk was low. So I had a quick run to the store to buy milk. By the way, the baby food department in my store was across the electronic department.

Yes I got powdered milk for my son and before i head outside I looked around and lo! and behold I saw a Coolpix L31 digital camera for $35, it’s on clearance and I never seen a digital camera that low before so I bought it for $18 not $35.

You may wonder why $18. The sales associate told me that it’s the last one and if it’s the last one so it’s 50% Off yay! winning.

Then…I saw the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR Camera Bundle, it’s on clearance for $199. But I didn’t buy it because it’s not in the budget. I went home and I can not believe they have the DSLR camera for that price and it’s a bundle, on clearance and I felt bad that I can not buy one. I really wanted to have a DSLR camera so bad but I don’t want to pay the full price before. Now, obviously it’s a great deal but I don’t have the money to buy it. I hate to get one and charge the payment to the credit card and besides my husband didn’t really know it.

I texted my husband just to let him know that I see a great deal in the store and sent a picture of the price. He texted back and asked me if I like it. Right away, I said “YES” with a big grin on my face.

He texted me back yes it’s a great deal and I knew you needed a camera. Do you want to go back to the store and buy it. My heart wanted to explode 🙂 🙂

I love my husband…

I drove back to the store and hoping no one bought the camera that I wanted for so long. Yes it’s still there!

I told the sales associate I wanna buy the Canon DSLR camera he seems not enthusiastic. It’s take few minutes and then 20 minutes and I waited and waited until finally he told me that the barcode on the box of the T6 camera is not much with the price. Then, they tried to fixed it and the Canon Rebel T6 camera price was scanning $599. I said No way!

He offered different camera it’s still Canon but it’s Rebel T5 and the price is $124. He said it’s on clearance too, but they didn’t have it on display. So he offered the Rebel T5 instead of T6 camera.

I don’t want to push to get the Rebel T6 camera, i know it’s not my fault that I can not get the T6 but things happened and there’s error or they missed something. I missed up too so it’s fine for me to have the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera.

Next post…is the Review of Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera.

Thank you for reading.

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