How BUNNZOO cloth diaper started?

How BUNNZOO diaper started?

It was year 2010 when I stumbled into handmade cloth diapers online. I think it was handmade by a stay at home mom. I was amazed of the colorful fabrics and how cute and modern the style of the cloth diapers. I don’t have baby that time but I have baby nieces. So I went to the store and buy flannel fabrics to start. I sewed a lot of cloth diapers made of flannels and cotton fabrics. I shipped the cloth diapers that I made to the Philippines where my baby nieces & family live. Then I sewed a lot of cloth diapers so I listed some in ebay and thevery first time I listed was sold out very quick. I can not believe it. So, I sell in merchant stores like hyenacart, etsy, bigcartel, ebay, and etc. I open stores online and sell many of my handmade creations.

Fast forward… I was sewing cloth diapers a lot so I always buy so many fabrics particularly the animal printed fabrics. I think I went to fabric store 2-3 times a week before so the sales associate know what I wanted. She told me if I need zoo print fabrics.

That’s how BUNNZOO diaper name started.

It was started by Michell Breyer (me). Then, I registered another name Michell Designs.








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