Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

After a while that I didn’t post or update this blog finally I’m back!

I missed and lost a lot of post though but finally I’m back to blogging world.

I really don’t need to tell you the reasons why I’m gone and not blogging, but here’s a glimpse why. Having many email addresses are confusing and it takes time and memory to remember to check it. The domain company sent messages in my email address the one that I didn’t check much. My domain needs to be renewed but I wasn’t able to checked my email address. It expired and I need to rebuy it again but I don’t want to buy it for $60 bucks of course not me. So I waited until they relisted it for sell again. Now, i got it.

Other reason is I am also busy after having my son so I didn’t really don’t have much time to keep updated.

So stay tune I am going to have lots of things to share. Whether it is handcraft, sewing, and my daily ramblings.

Thank you! for checking.


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